Lemonz Floor

spring time


  • Santocci (1 part)
  • White port (2 parts)
  • Cava (2 parts)
  • Sparkling water or 7up (1 part)
  • Fresh red fruit like strawberry or blackberry


  • This summerish punch is made in a wineglass. You actually make it just like you make sangria but then, of course, on the Italian way. Per glass or per jug. 
  • For 1 single glass you start with white port, cava, and of course the Santocci in a wineglass with ice. Add one part of sparkling water or 7up to this. Mix it with a spoon in your wineglass. 
  • Serve it with the fresh red fruits.
  • Ideal on a hot summer day with guests!